Can’t buy me love

We've been completely bowled over by user testing feedback on the new Online Payments website we designed for Worldpay!

“Very clear opening page, simple options. … I like the look of it a lot. …”

JonathanDunn, business owner

“I like the way this information has been presented to me. Do they tick the box? They do so far. … The service is very clear.”

Mostel, business owner

"This is very good, because it's what I'd need.”

Heryas, developer

“Compared to Stripe, I prefer this website”

mailtoshekar, business owner

“Worldpay gives me more encouragement [than Stripe]. It's high on my list when I'm going to implement something. … Of all three of the services I've seen [Stripe, Worldpay and Paymill], I'd say the second one [Worldpay] is the best one, with regards to the features I needed, like subscription services and when I get payments."

saranp87, business owner

"This is also [like Stripe] a pretty compelling website"

tanyajane, business owner

"[What I've seen on Worldpay] are the criteria I was looking for: integration, cost, speed of payouts, brand recognition."

crystalweb, business owner

"The layout of this site, in terms of what's available, seems much clearer than [Stripe]. … I'm happy with that and would probably go with Worldpay. … All in all, the most promising one for me looks like Worldpay, followed by Paymill and then Stripe"

atkinsonsites, developer

"So that's good vibes again [like Stripe], seems mobile friendly. … It seems user friendly, it's clear what the fees are and how to sign up. If I want to research the features, I can."

snickson, developer

“That's night and day — it wasn't that simple before! … It looks like Worldpay has completely re-invented itself, which is good."

JodiWarren, developer

“It has all the bells and whistles there. … They have a lot of things that I like. ... It does look good, it does look very simple.”

Tank, developer