Weaver is a boutique design agency, specialising in challenging and complex digital projects.

Weaver’s founder Luke Razzell leads every project, collaborating with virtualised teams of handpicked associates.

Weaver projects succeed

London Official City Guide, Recce and Time Out average 4.5-star App Store ratings
Noddle hit 100k customers within 6 months of launch
Worldpay Online Payments public beta achieved a Net Promoter score of 42.1

What we do

Brand strategy
Product strategy
Product design, user experience, customer experience, interaction design and visual design
User testing and research
Copywriting and SEO
Solution development
Analytics and solution optimisation

Our specialist sectors

Online payments
Cloud storage and productivity
Financial services (B2B & B2C)
Creative sector
Mapping & geo-enabled services
Information discovery
Personal data & identity management
Social networks

The design agency re-imagined

We can make it

We don’t go away with a brief and come back weeks later with a research report or a pretty design. We work with you to design and build amazing products.

Bespoke teams of experts

Traditional agencies have a large fixed staff, which leads to “cookie cutter” project resourcing. Not Weaver. We deploy bespoke teams of experts tailored perfectly to your challenge.

Problems solved

Layers of client services and project management can lead to learned helplessness and narrow specialisation within traditional agencies. A Weaver team member, by contrast, is empowered to think for themselves — and to collaborate freely to solve problems.

Process, process, process

Because the Weaver team rarely meet in person, we understand that incredible collaboration processes are essential. We constantly hone our usage of collaboration tools to foster energised, focused and effective workflows.

More bang, for less bucks

Not for Weaver the fixed costs of flashy offices. We undercut traditional agencies while we outperform them.

Our promise

Weaver helps our clients to make their digital presence simpler, more powerful and more intuitive.

Weaver’s ability to create elegant and effective design solutions for complex and rapidly evolving problem spaces is renowned.

Our promise: incredible design that touches every area of your business.

  • Call Credit
  • Financial Times
  • Honda
  • London and Partners
  • Thomson Reuters
  • Time Out
  • Transport for London
  • Vitesse
  • Vodafone
  • Worldpay
  • Zurich

“Luke asks the right questions ... and is quick to spot strategic opportunities”

Todd McPherson, Design Director, Time Out

“Your work on user experience, interaction and interface design has been enormously valuable...”

Rian Liebenberg, Ex-Director of Engineering, Google

“Luke is a user experience expert (genius?!)”

Sami Labibidi, Co-founder, Playfish

"The unanimous feedback from customers and partners alike is how much they love the site, its simplicity and ease of navigation."

Jacqueline Dewey, Marketing Director, Noddle (Callcredit Group)

"I couldn't recommend Weaver highly enough."

Nic Brisbourne, Managing Partner, Forward Partners

Design Launchpad

Design Launchpad graphic

Get your challenging design project off the ground by channeling insights from across your business and customer base into a creative prototyping process.

Learn skills

Design Launchpad enables you and your team to master powerful design skills:

Organisation capability mapping
Proposition development
Customer journey mapping
Customer research
Product/service design
Prototyping & user testing

Solve challenges

As you learn design skills, you use them to solve valuable challenges:

Engage & activate internal stakeholders
Uncover a wealth of design opportunities
Develop business opportunity hypotheses
Design and build tangible prototypes
Get feedback from real customers

Tailored to you

Design Launchpad is designed to help you get your project off the ground as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Focused and time-boxed individual and group activities for you and your team combine with expert input from Weaver to power you towards success.

Design Launchpad is also modular — we’ll tailor a project for you to suit your specific requirements and budget.

Your brand. Weaver. Design Launchpad.

Get the deck

Learn more about Design Launchpad with our beautifully designed overview document.

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